Jared Mees 'Flat Tracker' (Mens) T-Shirt
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Jared Mees 'Flat Tracker' (Mens) T-Shirt- Graphite

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Flat tracker incorporates all that America's purest form of 2 wheeled racing has to offer! The dust bowl heroes of flat track racing hurtle at break neck speed into each bend tipping their bikes over, FOOT OUT, FLAT OUT, kicking a rooster tail of dirt into the air, forcing their rivals behind to eat their dust. If you like powerful bikes, grabbed by the scruff of the neck and thrown round the dust bowl track as fast as the ground allows then this tee is the one for you. Show your support for our first Red Rider living on the other side of the pond and fly the American flag, with a cracking design showing our boy Jared Mees tipping her into the bend, FLAT OUT.