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Born in the UK, Raised in the USA

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Vincent, Velocette and the Ace Cafe London
Red Torpedo 'Brand Punk' (Mens) Charcoal T-Shirt Red Torpedo 'RT Racing' (Womens) Charcoal T-Shirt Red Torpedo 'RT Racing' (Mens) Charcoal T-Shirt Red Torpedo Built for Speed Mens Charcoal T-Shirt Red Torpedo Speed Punk (Womens) Grey T-Shirt

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Our brand new Made in the USA range featuring our super cool designs using garments made right here in the USA

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Gear with Grit

No Shit, No Sweat

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Red Torpedo - now shipping from Orlando, FL to the whole of North America

Red Torpedo is a casual wear brand for bike fanatics and petrol heads, firmly rooted in the world of Motorcycle Road Racing with all of its high speed adrenaline, bravery and skill. It gives us loads of energy and a commitment to enduring quality that keeps getting better all the time.

Red Torpedo. Gear with Grit, Endurance Build.