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Born in the UK, Raised in the USA

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Heritage Clothing Brands

Vincent, Velocette and the Ace Cafe London

Welcome to Red Torpedo USA

For more than 10 years, Red Torpedo has been setting the standard for others to follow in Europe - great quality apparel at prices offering great value for money. 

Now a three brand family (see below for more on that), every biker is catered for using our expertise in quality apparel honed over more than a decade. 

We have teamed up with some of the fastest racers on the planet including Jared Mees, Shayna Texter, Guy Martin and more to produce premium quality merchandise their fans love!


Red Torpedo

The heart and soul of Red Torpedo Clothing is rooted in hardcore motorcycle racing. Born and bred in the UK inspired by the incredible skill, grit, and passion of our road racers, racing on standard roads at speeds of over 200 mph.

Now also alive and kicking in the USA where the same mix of heart and soul guts, grind, and determination fuels our Flat trackers and continues to inspire and inform our superior quality design and build ethos every day.

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Mean Bird Motorcycles

Mean Bird Motorcycles Clothing is the bike builders brand for America - born in the UK, raised in the USA. Inspired and driven by a mix of ingenuity and classic beauty, combined to create unique two-wheeled speed machines that ooze personality, history, and performance, ripping and rumbling out on the road.

Our apparel draws on all of this and more, capturing and projecting the unique spirit of Mean Bird Motorcycles.

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Ton Up Clothing

Ton Up Clothing is a celebration of the post-war spirit of rebellion and the love of speed, which spawned café racers - stunning speed machines, stripped to the bone,  tuned to the max.

Reaching speeds of 100 mph plus in those days was no mean feat, defying all limits, with a bravado that inspired the Ton-Up boys and continues to inspire future generations of motorcycle racers.

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Heritage Brands

We are proud to be the official licensed clothing design and build supplier for Vincent, Velocette and the Ace Café London.

All iconic British brands who approached us on the back of our commitment to quality, our design capability and our ethical sourcing.

 Every piece of gear carries our hallmark and passion.

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Gear with Grit

No Shit, No Sweat

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